We put our heads together and—

J-U was founded in 1991 by two very experienced Southern California advertising agency insiders, Carolyn Johnson and Joyce Ukropina.

Evolving quickly from their debut project—a simple holiday hours sign for a major fast food chain—Team J-U built the firm into a rock-solid marketing shop over the next 14 years, attracting premier talent in the areas of strategic planning, account management, media, creative and production.

Many of those industry experts are still with the agency, including former customer-turned-consultant, and later employee-turned-General Manager, Donna Carter. When the founders chose to retire in early 2007, she took over the agency and remains as our president and chief account strategist.

Today, J-U is a thriving company made up of senior-level, highly focused teams dedicated to accomplishing your goals, and guided by people you can trust and will truly enjoy working with.

See the impact we’ll have on your business, and what a refreshing difference we’ll make in your day.

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